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OÜ Hi Kala Consult is an private investigation company providing legal support, claim handling, conducting damage assessment, risk analysis and undertaking insurance investigations in Estonia and the Baltic region. The company was founded in 2007 by KALEV MÕTUS and INDREK JÕGI, who are the owners and CEOs of the company to this day. Both Kalev Mõtus and Indrek Jõgi completed their university education at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences. They both worked in the Estonian Criminal Police and Border Guard Service from 1991 until 2009 during which time they were in charge of organisational units running their business in a manner that focused on international cooperation. After leaving the law enforcement service, Kalev Mõtus was appointed as Director of the Insurance Investigation Unit of IF P&C Insurance AS while Indrek Jõgi started working in that same unit as IT and analysis specialist.

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